Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet Monty!

Thursday we went to the Lost World outdoor water park, and Monty the Moose was there!

Monty is Wilderness Territory's mascot.

Mike and Monty.

Bre and Monty.

Alex and Monty.

The blue tube is a ride called the Lunar Loop.  You stand in a chamber at the top, the floor opens up and off you shoot threw the tube.  John and Sara were the only ones brave enough from our group to give it a try.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Welcome to the Wild West

This is the kids area at the 70,000 square foot Wild West Indoor Water Park.  It had two water slides for Kady, and three larger ones perfect for Alex.  It also had a family raft ride, two body slides, a double tube ride and another tube ride called "Black Hole" it's a lot like being flushed down a giants toilet. (but with clean water)

This was one of Alex's favorite things.  It is a 750 gallon bucket that fills with water, before the bucket tips and spills the water a bell rings warning kids that it's about to tip so they can be ready.

Alex after riding the orange slide.

Alex picked this spot as the perfect spot for having the water splash on her.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Northern Lights Arcade

Alex playing Whack-A-Shark.  You can see some of the Timberland Play Park behind her.

The girls played a few games while we waited for Mike Grandpa and Grandma to finish playing mini-golf.  It was a busy morning, ropes course, mini-golf and arcade, all before we headed to the water park for a few hours of swimming and water slides.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alex & The Northern Lights Ropes Course

Sara and Bre had so much fun on the ropes course that Alex begged to go on it as well.  So Alex Bre and myself included went on the ropes course.  I only did a few sections on the main part before turning back.  (Hey I did enough to say I did it)

One of the main sections on the bottom level (so it's a second story) that hangs above the arcade.

My brave girls!
Alex LOVED it!

Walking across the rope/

Alex on the top level, so she is three stories up.

Before they went up to the top level.

I love these girls!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Secret!!

I had read about this place on the Internet, but hadn't talked to my parents about it.  My Dad and I were up early and out to make sure we knew our way to Ripley's before we tried to haul nine people and two vans there, we drove right past "Top Secret".  After Ripley's we all talked it over and thought it looked interesting so we ventured over and took the tour.

The entrance.

The ticket booth.

Mike holding up the entrance.

Bill Clinton the eagle kept us company while we waited for our tour guide.

The oval office.
(Yes, it is upside down.)
There were so many twists and turns and soooo MUCH to see that after a small while I put my camera away so I could take it all in and hold Alex's hand.  This place really creeped her out.

The lab where they build Presidents.
The purple alien did jump out of a closed barrel.

We exited from this building.

It had been a long day and was so nice to have the condo to go to and relax with enough room for everyone to spread out.  (It's hard to have enough space for nine people.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Ripley's is a family favorite for us! 
I had a hard time getting Alex to stand under the car, even with my Mom.
No trust!

My Dad is too funny!
He is standing with Walter Hudson of New York, who at the age of 18, weighed a whopping 1400 pounds!
Walter Hudson's Average Daily Diet
2 boxes of sausages
1 pound of bacon
12 eggs
1 loaf of bread
4 Big Macs
4 Cheeseburgers
8 large fries
3 ham steaks or 2 chickens
4 baked potatoes
4 sweet potatoes
4 heads of broccoli
1 large cake
18 quarts of soda

This picture is made entirely out of toast, I forget how many pieces.

Willie Nelson carved from a phone book.

Prom dress made from duct tape.  They were in the process of making a whole room out of tape.  They had a bed and lamp done.  They also had several dresses and purses on display but this was my favorite.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ripley's Part 2

In the center room there is a crashed plane with a jungle feel to it, a lot like Indiana Jones.  There are  exhibits around the plane and rooms around it as well.  You can see the rope bridge we crossed in the top right corner of this picture.

Another view of the plane.  In the top left of this picture you can see a wax figure of  "The most horrific of the medieval torturers" Vlad Tepes, the real Count Dracul.  There is no evidence that Vlad the Impaler, as he was nicknamed, ever actually drank anyone's blood, but it is safe to say he was an extremely bloodthirsty ruler.  In the room behind him they had many exhibits about VAMPIRES.

Always lots of icky weird things to look at.

Various mouse traps on display.

Robert Ripley called genetically mutated animals "Pranks of Nature" and relished displaying some of the most unusual animals ever seen by man.

No Ripley's museum is complete without a gallery of one-of-a-kind bizarre "pets".

A gallery of headstones.  This one caught my eye, Here lies an Atheist all dressed up and no place to go.  I couldn't find a picture of the one that had a scope in it so you could see down into the coffin without lifting it open.  They had one with a breathing tube just in case you were buried alive.

Another that made me laugh.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ripley's Part 3

Rodney Fox was attacked in 1963.  He received 463 stitches and lived to tell the tale.

It was a little like an Indiana Jones movie with the rope bridge that needed to be crossed.  (it made me a little nervous)

Vampire Killing Kit
Ripley's owns over 30 vampire killing kits and no two are alike.  These wooden traveling cases contain crosses, a gun, silver bullets, garlic and other elixirs, and, of course, a wooden stake and a mallet.

The head of someone who was accused of being a Vampire.

My Mom was the brave one who went through the little hole in the wall and found her way into a jail cell.  The rest of us were too creeped out and worried that something was out to get us, sad when the little old lady of the group has to show us up.

The last room was another Indiana Jones type thing.  There was a press me if you dare button.  My brother pushed it and the ceiling and floor shook and lights flashed, lots of fun for the kids.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


We saw four features in the 4-D theater.

Wizard of Oz, Yogi Bear, Skull Rock, and Extreme Log Ride.

A fun treat if you don't count the seat poker.